Women Experiences In The Oil And Gas Industry

The one thing that was always constant in the oil and gas industry is the need of talent. The problem is that being promoted and even being hired is difficult. We see a constant change in the world as more and more people realize how beneficial gender-diverse workforces are. But, in this industry, women are barely visible even if more oil and gas jobs are available than ever.

The Influence Of Tradition

To put things as simple as possible, the entire oil and gas industry has roots in tradition. It is practically regarded to as being an option only for men. This is particularly the case when looking at management levels. We are looking at very few women, much fewer than in other industries. Fortunately, this is changing with figures growing, specifically in accounting.

S&P Global statistics highlight that close to 25% of employees for the industry are women. But, only 17% of the executive-level and senior positions are women.

Job Growth

Over 500,000 jobs appeared in the energy sector in the US alone every year. By the year 2050, it is expected that the number of jobs available in the world will grow up to 26 million. Most positions are nontechnical, which includes parts like law, finance, administrative support, and business development. Even if the number of women available for jobs is around 50% of the talent pool of US, we still do not see enough representation.

Gender Diversity In The Oil And Gas Industry – Benefits

The entire industry is encouraged to promote or hire based on who the very best candidate is, which is why we see options like recruitment Australia. It is never a good idea to base your hires on percentages. Hiring is something that should happen based on benefits. However, gender diversity is something that turns out being very beneficial. Here are some reasons why.

Better Innovation

Alternate energy is quickly gaining popularity. The entire oil and gas industry is thus affected. A need for innovation is obvious. And statistics show us that this is better achieved through the employment of a diverse leadership team.

People need to have different backgrounds and experiences to better come up with unique solutions. Innovation initiatives are just better and more common with a gender-diverse management team.

High Profits

When O&G companies are not gender-diverse, financial results tend to be lower than possible. Studies highlight that those companies with increased gender diversity outperform competitors when it comes to profitability.

Better Productivity

Productivity levels are highly important when looking at the entire energy sector. Businesses do end up with higher productivity based on research released by Harvard Business Review. The reason behind it is that the diverse workforce actively improves work environment, encourages collaboration, innovation, and is appealing to investors.

Most engineering and geology operations in the oil and gas industry are male-driven. But, if women are offered the same opportunities, things are surely going to change.

Better Culture

The culture of a company can instantly be harmed by a lack of diversity. Workforce diversity does help with that. Equity and inclusion help people coming from all backgrounds and demographics. They can end up feeling more respected and even heard. As a whole, we can say that women have a hugely positive impact in this industry.

Historically, the industry was very inflexible when it came to work-life balance. But, through hybrid work environments, women managed to be more involved in leadership while also balancing family life. The industry is seen with better eyes and companies started to understand this.

Diversity Is Still Needed

In conclusion, we can say that the role of women in the oil and gas industry is starting to be seen as beneficial. While statistics show us that diversity is still needed and we are looking at a clear lack of representation, things are changing for the best.

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