Small Space, Big Change: Bedroom Renovation For Cozy Quarters

Living in a city usually means living in a small, congested space, and small spaces can be a big nuisance for most people. It can prove difficult to live in a compact place; there may not be enough storage space for your stuff, or you might even feel a bit claustrophobic. The challenges keep coming. Where you live is a huge part of one’s life, so it’s your job to prioritize your home and make it a more livable and comfortable space.

Here are some ways you can modify the small space and make your Bedroom Renovation more efficient and aesthetic.

Paint Your Walls With A Reflective Coat

Walls that are painted with a shiny coat will reflect more light and make the space more bright and airy. You can also add mirror elements to your walls to make them seem much bigger than they already are.

It is all about contrast and color and a professional will know exactly what to do. The internet will influence you to do a DIY paint job on your walls and it might be even fun, but a professional painting service will offer you a solution that suits your needs

Furniture With Built-In Storage Space

Home decor that can also double as a storage unit will make your life much easier. You can add floating shelves, headboards with in-built storage space, and hydraulic beds to your home decor, which will accommodate your storage needs as well as look visually pleasing.

Instead of going to a basic store that will sell this kind of furniture in bulk, it’s best to approach a professional who will do a customized job for you and make the kind of furniture that suits your individual aesthetic.

Multi-functional built-in closet

You can save a lot of space by getting a built-in wall closet for your home. Adding shelves and hanging space will make your personal belongings their own space.

This will create a functional yet minimalist closet. You can also modify your closet by adding a mirror to the closet door and creating a compact vanity for yourself.

Large Windows And Long Curtains

Large ceiling-to-floor windows will create an effect that will make your bedroom appear more big and spacious.

The benefit of having large windows in your home is that they will invite more natural light into your home and make your bedroom look more inviting.

Opaque curtains with solid colours will create a more restricted and compressed look, whereas opting for sheer and light-coloured curtains will make your home more airy and sophisticated.

Neat WFH Space

Since the pandemic, a lot of us have been working from home. You need a proper home office space if you aim for a more productive environment for your work, and if you live in a small-bedroom apartment, that vision is difficult to turn into a reality.

But you can change that with a few simple steps. Turn your nightside table into a home office desk and create your own little corner designated for your work. Also, try adding shelves to your nightstand in order to store those files and documents and make the desk more organized. Get rid of clutter by compartmentalizing your stuff into assigned drawers and shelves.

Got Any Plans To Change Your Home Decor?

We got you covered at Jim’s Handyman Melbourne. Here, we offer a different array of home modification services and Bedroom Renovation that save you a ton of time, energy, and effort. We will ensure that you stay on budget and help you conceptualize ideas to design your home. We offer free quotations for those who are confused about what modifications they want, so hurry up and contact Jim’s Handyman Melbourne to get more details.

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