Latest News On AI Deployment Shows Companies Implementing Generative AI with Speed and Safety

AI deployment has become increasingly significant in today’s industry landscape. Companies are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize various sectors and drive innovation. One particular area of focus is generative AI, which offers transformative potential across domains such as software code, text, speech, images, and videos. Recent advancements in AI deployment have demonstrated the speed and safety with which companies are implementing generative AI, leading to significant economic value and enhancing the impact of AI as a whole.

Cognition Introduces AI Software Engineer “Devin”

Cognition, a recently formed AI startup backed by industry leaders including Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and former Twitter executive Elad Gil, has launched a fully autonomous AI software engineer called “Devin.” Unlike existing coding assistants, Devin stands out for its ability to handle entire development projects end-to-end. From writing code to fixing bugs and executing projects, Devin can handle it all. This capability marks a significant shift in the AI-assisted development space, providing engineers with a full-fledged AI worker rather than just a coding assistant. Select customers, including Bloomberg journalist Ashlee Vance, have had access to Devin, showcasing its potential in the software engineering industry.

Accelerating Product Development for the AI Age

The emergence of ChatGPT in 2022 sparked a race among companies to develop AI-driven products. Broadridge, a leading technology and product officer, successfully rolled out BondGPT, an AI platform for corporate bond trading, in just 12 weeks. Broadridge’s rapid product development was the result of years of building the operational foundation needed to develop products at a fast pace. Adopting a product-based operating model, cultivating delivery excellence, emphasizing architecture, and devoting resources to data were some of the key strategies employed. These approaches enabled Broadridge to accelerate product development and deliver AI-powered solutions effectively.

AI Deployment

Opaque Systems’ Gateway for Enhanced AI Deployment Security

Secure data analytics startup, Opaque Systems Inc., has announced early access to a new software solution called Opaque Gateway. This service addresses data privacy, security, and sovereignty concerns in enterprise generative AI deployments. Opaque Gateway enables enterprises to control these critical aspects while offering flexibility in adapting to evolving AI models. By providing a verifiable audit trail and a hardware root of trust, Opaque Gateway eliminates common obstacles to AI adoption. It employs confidential computing, ensuring that all data remains encrypted in use, providing the highest level of confidentiality. Early testing and customer feedback have shown promising results, including faster time to value and reduced costs.


The latest news on AI deployment highlights the speed and safety with which companies are implementing generative AI. From the introduction of Cognition’s AI software engineer “Devin” to Broadridge’s accelerated product development for the AI age, it is evident that AI technologies are driving innovation across industries. Additionally, Opaque Systems’ Opaque Gateway addresses security concerns and provides a secure platform for AI deployment. As more companies embrace AI, it is crucial to prioritize speed and safety to capture the full benefits of generative AI while managing associated risks responsibly.

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